Abandoned Pony transported to new home by Tim stockdale


pie collected by tim stockdale world horse welfare

World Horse Welfare Willie (now known as Pie) arrived with us in 2012 after being reported by a member of the public. He had turned up in her field overnight and was incredibly thin with a horrendous and painful infection on his genitals. At just four years old, the poor pony had lived a difficult life, receiving inadequate care and attention and he was quickly moved to Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

pie world horse welfare horse collected by tim stockdale
Pie when he arrived

After a specialist vet attended to his infection, the team of expert grooms began his rehabilitation. The team were horrfied that even with his thick winter coat it was possible to see Pie’s spine and ribs, and when he was clipped his appearance was skeletal. However with the care and patience that he needed, Pie regained his condition and turned into a stunning and healthy youngster who very much enjoyed the attention of staff and supporters.

pie world horse welfare horse collected by tim stockdale
Pie's spine could be seen through his winter coat 

As he matured, Pie started to undertake some work with groom Adele – first in-hand and then ridden. He thrived with the new challenge and loved being under saddle. When he had completed his rehabilitation he was offered for rehoming as a ridden pony. After being assessed and meeting each other at Hall Farm, Gillian Duckworth and Pie were found to be the perfect fit and she offered him a loving new home. A few weeks later, Gillian called to say that her friend ‘Tim’ would be collecting Pie from Hall Farm – little did we know that it would be Team GB’s Tim Stockdale! Pie left in style and we suspect that his incredible career may all be down to being star struck the day he went home…

pie world horse welfare horse collected by tim stockdale
Pie undergoing rehabilitation at  Norfolk Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Hall Farm, with groom Adele (riding) and our mascot - 'Hoof it Harry'

He has now been living with Gillian for nearly 2 years and everybody is amazed by how much he has achieved. Initially rehomed to keep her eventer company and be ridden occasionally by her grandchildren, Pie had his chance to shine when Gillian’s eventer took some time off work. When she began working him, it soon became clear to her that he was a very talented pony with enormous potential and the decision was made to start competing him.

pie world horse welfare horse collected by tim stockdale
Pie on a pleasure ride with Gillian

Since then, Pie has turned his hoof to an enormous range of disciplines and events with enormous success. From safely completing pleasure rides and hunts to winning at dressage, showjumping and eventing, Pie has been a champion working hunter pony and a champion of two dressage series at Intro and Preliminary Level. Gillian tells us:

“Pie just continues to be a star. This week he has been to the beach at Holkham, Norfolk, with my daughter Tina and my granddaughter Sophie who is only 10. He was a star and caught lots of attention from people, as usual.


"He did his first One Day Event having only cross-country schooled once. It didn’t faze him and sailed round it and won! He won the Intro series dressage championship at Moulton College and got a huge sash for his troubles. He even smiles for the camera! He has been placed at his only two visits to Weston Lawns showjumping and he definitely likes jumping much more than dressage. He is such a star, so dependable and - quite frankly - universally adored!”

pie world horse welfare horse collected by tim stockdale
Pie with his championship sash

When you rehome a horse or pony from us at worldhorsewelfare, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we will tell you all we know about him or her. If you are after a competition superstar we might have just the horse for you! Why not visit our rehoming pages to find your future winner?


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