Italy's number one Grand Prix Dressage rider Valentina Truppa severely injured.

Italy's number one Grand Prix rider Valentina Truppa got severely injured in a riding accident at the CDI Arezzo on Sunday 7 June 2015.  Truppa fell off her horse at the CDI Arezzo and was airlifted to a hospital in Siena, where she remains injured but in stable condition.

While entering the arena on a horse in the national Intermediaire I test at the CDI Arezzo, Truppa injured her head when her 7-year old horse spooked, reared, and spun round. The horse lost its balance, launched the rider from the saddle and fell on top of its rider.  Truppa lost consciousness within seconds.

The 29-year old Valentina was first driven to the emergency room of the local San Donato Hospital by ambulance and after an initial medical check-up she got airlifted to the Policlinico Santa Maria delle Scotte hospital in Siena, Italy.

The Truppa family released a statement on the current medical condition of the 29-year old rider. On Sunday 7 June Valentina fell off a 7-year old when the horse spooked upon entering the arena for a national Intermediaire I test in Arezzo. 

Dr. Hector Zei is currently treating Valentina and said that the patient is pharmacologically sedated, but that the her general and neurological condition is stable. At the moment no focal lesions are showing. If her condition remains stable they will slowly proceed to awaken her tomorrow.

The statement did not reveal whether the pharmacological sedation is a medically induced coma, frequently applied to patients with swelling due to a brain injury.

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