Sand Drawing Launches GWR Polo on the Beach

It is where polo ponies, riders and sand make art. Polo ponies have made their mark across two miles of Cornish coastline to celebrate the return of GWR Polo on the Beach festival.

A unique 64 metre sand drawing made by the ponies themselves was created at Watergate Bay, Cornwall, and will mark the launch of the three day polo event, sponsored by GWR, the premium brand for rail operator First Great Western.

GWR commissioned the impressive equine art 54 metres (492 hands) wide and 64 metres long (582 hands) to mark the scene of a polo pony and player in motion ahead of the festival which will open on June 26.

The rise of Polo on the Beach

First Great Western is expected to carry thousands of passengers to Cornwall this month and worked tirelessly through the night with the polo team to prepare the stunning marriage of art and horsemanship.

The art stretched over 400 metres end to end and was created by an estimated 3,840 cantering hoof prints, 50 mallet marks and took two hours to come to life but just moments to wash away as the tide came in.

Polo players Andrew Burgess and Rohan Kelly took to their saddles on Tonka and La Sophia respectively, who made for perfect equine artists as the steeds are known for their agility and fast-paced turns reaching speeds of 40 mph.

Burgess added: “It was an incredible experience. As a professional polo player it’s not often you get to really cut lose with your horse like that. Galloping across those sands in the sun is not something I’ll soon forget.”

Drones captured the panorama over the stunning bay while unsuspecting passers-by snapped the site from their phones from the surrounding cliffs.

The two-mile stretch of golden sands will set the scene for the free event, which will host three matches, entertainment and live music from June 26-28.


With thanks to Gareth A Davies of The Daily Telegraph

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