Teenage girls and their horses attacked by Staffordshire bull terrier

Two teenage girls from Wye in Kent were left injured and frightened after they and their horses were subject to an unprovoked attack by a Staffordshire bull terrier.

Amelia Palmer, 16, and Katie Higgins, 15, were riding their horses Tinka and Sapphire, across the beautiful Wye Downs when the incident occurred.

During the attack brave Katie had to jump off her horse to stop the dog from causing further damage this proved successful and she managed to fend it off but it had already caused serious damage to Amelia's leg and Tinka's nose.

The girls, who are both experienced riders eventually both dismounted to check their wounds and managed to confront the owners of the dog.

This proved fruitless as the cowardly owners claimed the dog had done nothing wrong and scurried off  leaving the girls to fend for themselves but luckily, a quick thinking passer by captured the pair on camera and this footage has been forwarded to Kent Police.

Amelia had to go to hospital to have a tetanus jab and get the deep wound on her leg treated, while both horses needed to be treated by vets for their injuries and are making satisfactory progress.

Bindy Higgins, Katie’s mum, told Kent Online: “It’s terrifying. But I’m very proud of the girls because they coped very well.

“I don’t know whether to be angry at Katie for dragging the dog off because of what it could have done or proud of her for handling it so bravely.”

Bindy added: "I have dogs and if that had been my dog, I would have stayed with the girls and made sure they were okay but the fact that they were denying the dog had attacked them and then disappeared is awful.

"Luckily the kids were calm and handled the situation very well but I’m angry that they had no regard for the kids and their horses."

Kent police are currently investigating the incident and anyone with any information should contact them on 101

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