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Every member of our equestrian insurance team at Shearwater Insurance knows and understands horses, and we’ve got over 100 years’ experience between us in the equestrian insurance sector.

As the equine industry has evolved, our service offerings have expanded to cater for demand through a broader scope of products.

If it’s an area that can be covered, we’ll know about it at Shearwater, and what’s more, we’ll have the resources to source it. After all, we have our own horses and equine activities to handle, so we know what makes good protection.

  • A range of competitive equestrian insurance policies available to suit your budgets and requirements
  • Efficient and empathetic staff on hand to deal with your equestrian insurance claim or query with minimal stress
  • Making an equestrian insurance claim is simple, fast and efficient, with our in house claims settlement team

Horse Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services
We have been providing specialist horse insurance for over 20 years, so let us give you peace of mind that your pride and joy is protected.

Shearwater understands the needs of every horse owner and each member of the equestrian team has direct experience in the equestrian world.

Equestrian Liability Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services
There are many risks in the equestrian world making equine liability insurance essential to your business.

Shearwater understands how the industry works and can provide equestrian insurance cover to protect you against all possible liability claims and ultimately protect you against financial difficulty. 

Equestrian Property with Shearwater Insurance Services
With many years of experience in the equestrian market, Shearwater Insurance understands your specific needs when it comes to insuring your equine property and stables. With specialised buildings and facilities it is vital you get the right equestrian property insurance - we can guide you to the right decision for this.
Horse Box Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services

Shearwater‘s vast experience in the horsebox and trailer market means we are uniquely placed to understand the needs of every horsebox owner. Our industry standing allows us to negotiate exclusive protection for all types of horseboxes and trailers including breakdown cover.

We’ve had over 20 years to get to grips with the specialist insurance needed to cover horseboxes. In that time, we’ve looked after thousands of clients’ horseboxes with policies from not only some of the best-known names in the UK insurance industry, but those who offer some of the most competitive and comprehensive protection in the market.

Trailers (Horse)

Trailer Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services
Any form of equine transport should be fully protected by a specialist equestrian insurer.Shearwater have been helping to keep horse trailer owners on the road for over 20 years and understand the risks involved. Make sure you are protected against accidents, damage or liability claims.
Personal Accident Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services
Accidents do happen, and unfortunately taking the 'it won't happen to me' approach is not viable.Our team at Shearwater have many years’ experience in making sure clients are taken care of financially and their income is protected at a time when they need it most.
Levels of personal accident can vary, and a chat with our advisers will clarify what degree of cover is going to meet your needs. Using a specific equestrian insurer for your personal accident insurance will mean that they understand the nature of your business, and will do everything they can to help you get back on your feet.
Riding Schools Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services

When it comes to arranging protection for you, your staff, your pupils and your customers at your riding centre, you can trust that our team of experts will make sure you have a package in place that really works for every aspect of your business.

Horsebox Breakdown Insurance

Horsebox Breakdown Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services

There are those unhelpful times when your horsebox simply doesn’t want to move. Perhaps this is down to a mechanical fault, or because the battery has drained. Maybe it’s a case of changing the tyre but you don’t have the tools or a spare.

The job of breakdown assistance providers is to rescue you from your plight as soon as possible, diagnose the issue and, if they can, get your horsebox moving again, or failing that take it to a garage which can.

Livery Yard Insurance

Livery Yards Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services

The advice and guidance you receive from Shearwater comes from years of experience, and ensure that any additional thrills and spills that aren’t part of the spectacle can be prepared for.

Pony Rides Insurance

Pony Ride Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services

A pony ride insurance policy arranged by Shearwater is simple and effective. It will help cover you for public liability, so anyone who suffers an injury can be compensated without impacting on your finances, and legal expenses if a claim dispute does draw you into legal proceedings.

Land Liability Insurance

Land liability hero image

Shearwater can help you protect against claims being made against you and provide compensation in the event that an incident, such as injury or damage to property, occurs to a third party, whether you’re allowing other people to use your land and its facilities or not.

As a specialist equestrian broker, you can be sure that your needs will be met with a clear understanding of your requirements. We’ve encountered a colourful variety of claims since our establishment and so we’re well prepared for most eventualities.

Riding Instructors Insurance

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We work alongside many freelance riding instructors and trainers to ensure that their equestrian business is in safe hands. In doing so, we’ve given ourselves the experience to create effective policies that can help ensure you’re financially covered.

This leaves you to concentrate fully on the task at hand, focusing on your clients’ learning and development, knowing that you’re financially protected if something goes wrong. This is the case whether you’re a riding instructor within a school or you train others at their own stables.

Equestrian Property Insurance

 Equestrian Property with Shearwater Insurance Services

From small stable outfits to state of the art equestrian centres – it doesn’t matter to us at whether you’re one or the other, or somewhere in between. What matters to us is that if you’re affected by fire, flood or theft, you have already taken measures to help rebuild, refit and restock, so that peace can once again be restored.

All this will be done with the guidance of experts who literally know equine premises inside out, from indoor arenas to cross country courses.

Horse Transporters/Care Insurance

Horse Transport Insurance with Shearwater Insurance Services

By law, if you are moving goods, in this case, horses, ponies and donkeys in exchange for money, you must have the relevant certificate and qualification to cover equine transit for journeys. Without this, you will not be able to put this  insurance in place.

If your business revolves entirely around the safe transportation of other people’s horses, there is nothing to gain by opting for substandard insurance, as the risks could just be too great. At Shearwater we know precisely what cover you need in place to be well protected in your business operations, while giving your customers the confidence in your services. We also include Public Liability as standard.