INDIBA -What is it, how does it work, and what can it help your horse with?

Posted on Thursday 20th Oct 2022

We have caught up with Sarah Keith BSc (Hons) CertEd MSc VetPhys MNAVP, of White Rose Veterinary Physiotherapy and White Rose Equine
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What a Whorl! Part 1: An insight into equine whorls, fabled beliefs and science.

Posted on Wednesday 22nd Dec 2021

What in the Whorl...?! Between 2012 and 2015, my interests surrounding whorl placement in horses, the mythical relationship with temperament analysis and the part
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Orange’s Big Pony Quiz

Posted on Wednesday 24th Nov 2021

**Email your answers to us at to enter our prize draw!**   Questions 1 to 8 are true or false
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Can you teach an old dog (or in this case old horse) ‘new tricks’? I say yes.

Posted on Monday 22nd Nov 2021

That old saying is often heard and often believed. Pretty damaging too as it can get in the way of a whole
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Clipping: Art or Science?

Posted on Thursday 4th Nov 2021

Clipping: A thought provoking article that looks at why horses behave the way they do, and what we can do to minimise
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Welcome… our first blog!

Posted on Monday 25th Oct 2021

Welcome to our first blog post... and thanks for coming to have a sneaky look too... we see you! Seems like a
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Blossoms Pony Quiz

Posted on Monday 25th Oct 2021

**Email your answers to us at to get the chance to win a prize!**        
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