Amy Inglis Completes An Amazing Double

The National Under 18s Championship was well worth the wait and featured six of the twelve entries moving through to the jump off with clear rounds, the crowd was then presented with a fierce final battle.

Amy Inglis and Amadeouse De Hurtebise fired into the jump off at an extraordinary pace, they handled the most challenging turn of the course very well and proceeded to finish in a time of 40.29 seconds. Aimee Jones who took home second and third place with Biance B C and Lilly IV respectively displayed excellent jumping technique and skill, yet could not manage to knock the leader off the top spot.

Amy waited anxiously in the collecting ring to ride her second horse, Samayava A R Park, the final round of the day. Christie Pritchard riding Bolton Gate Ben unfortunately conceded four faults in her jump off round, meaning that Amy could enter her final ride knowing that she had already won the Championship title.

Amy explained that she has not had the winning horse for very long and that this was only her fourth time jumping in the ring with him, which makes her success this week even more incredible. Amy said: “he’s a lovely horse, he’s really easy and scopey and careful… I’m very happy”

The commentator, Adam Cromarty, said “this is a very strong field with some very talented young riders”. Amy and Amadeouse De Hurtebise also won the National Under 21 Championship. This double win is a phenomenal achievement for Amy and proves that the British Showjumping National Championships and Stoneleigh Horse Show, really has showcased some of Britain’s most gifted and talented riders.


1st Amy Ingliis and Amadouse De Hurtebise
2nd Aimee Jones and Biance B C
3rd Aimee Jones and Lilly IV
4th Paige Gillot and Ricky Ricardo
5th Christie Pritchard and Bolton Gate Ben
6th Amy Inglis and Samayava A R Park


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