Brave Police Horse dies after 14 years of loyal service

A West Yorkshire Police horse described as “handsome, hardworking and consistently brave” has died after 14 years serving the force. Connor, one of the force’s longest-serving police horses, died on Wednesday of an untreatable tumour.

Inspector Julie Fitzpatrick of West Yorkshire Police said: “Connor was a handsome, hardworking and consistently brave horse who was popular with the team at Carr Gate and the public alike. “He policed many significant events across the Force during his long service. Standing at almost 18 hands his size was matched by his huge personality both on and off the yard.
“His unexpected death has come as a massive shock to the team and he will be sadly missed.”

The 19-year-old horse joined the force in October 2003 and served for 14 years. He was one of the longest serving horses in the Mounted Section and took part in the policing of countless football matches, patrols, demonstrations and ceremonial events.

Police say he was admitted to an equine clinic in North Yorkshire on Monday after becoming unwell. Exploratory tests revealed an untreatable tumour in his abdomen and he passed away at midnight on Wednesday.

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