British Dressage Announce Wildcards for LeMieux National Championships




Following the seven summer regional championships, British Dressage have announced the horse and rider combinations who have been awarded wild card entries for the LeMieux National Dressage Championships at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire (17 – 20 September 2015).

Please note: The close of entries for wildcards is Tuesday 25 August 2015 – NO late entries will be accepted.



Millie McBride, Bounty, 72.05%

Steph Crowther, In for the Kill, 71.09%

Alice Pearse, Irish Millennium, 70.83%

Jo Parkes, Hamlets Harmony, 70.83%

Rachel Peel, Pauldary's Dark and Stormy, 70.71%

David Froggatt, Royal Pearl II, 70.64%

Novice Restricted

Amy Pett, Barbarian T, 71.78%

Maisie Waller, Moonshine Marcus, 71.67%

Sophie Parkinson, Here Be Dragons, 71.38%

Amy Foster, Pikador, 70.40%

Lucy Pye, Can Can Herself, 70.00%

Jacob Denham, Woodcroft Don Diego, 69.89%

Novice Open

Jodie Atkin, Bear, 71.38%

Lindsay Poxon, Believe in Me, 71.21%

Charlotte Fill, Action Hall Horse Transports Vegas, 70.98%

Katie Bailey, Sirenka, 70.69%

Martin Schleicher, Tom Cruz, 70.69%

Laura Wollen, Woodcroft Francisco, 70.52%

Maddy Whelan, Ode to Shannon, 70.46%

Antonia Brown, Woodcroft Krack De, 70.46%

Toby Blake, Easter Bunny II, 70.40%

Jezz Palmer, Crackerjack Himself, 70.40%

Stephanie Jane Kelly, Inca Gold, 70.34%

Elementary Restricted

Daniel Bremner , Newton Domino, 70.68%

Rebecca Clack, Polos Discovery, 70.63%

John Cooper, Daan, 70.42%

Hannah Bailey, Westcroft Don Paccini, 70%

Holly Lucas, Abby, 69.84%

Charlotte Mc Dowall, BKS Grand Design, 69.84%

Rowan Bryson, Lazulith, 69.43%

Ashley Jenkins, Salsa Hit, 69.32%

Elementary Open

Jodie Phillips, Enjoy II, 72.34%

Natasha Leak, Pierre, 71.72%

Jessica Thompson, San Diego V, 71.56%

Sara Squires, Clara M, 71.25%

Sharon Lindop, Speilbanker, 71.09%

Amy Maris, Mastermind, 71.04%

Mark Forrest, Moviworld, 70.99%

Elizabeth Allen, Fidelio, 70.94%

Elizabeth Gammie, Champagne Bubbles, 70.83%

Medium Restricted

Nicky Heale, Retanagh Request, 68.92%

Ruth Bamford, Pauldarys Lord Liberty, 68.65%

Caroline Szewczyk, Zandokan, 68.38%

Jemma Harding, Adamus, 68.20%

Laura Wetherall, Doetelaar, 68.20%

Abbie Newbury, Comet II, 68.20%

Hannah Grummett, Quivantos, 68.20%

Antonia Brown, SJL Duuk, 68.20%

Laura Clothier, Calva La Cornilliere, 67.93%

Tam Miall, Kilnwood Drago, 67.88%

Medium Open

Jill Grant, Dizzy Heights, 72.12%

Jodie Phillips, Enjoy II, 71.22%

Lucy Pincus, Sheepcote Suncrest, 70.86%

Sam Rahmatalla, Seagry Sanay, 70.77%

Paul Friday, Roman Noir Himself, 70.36%

Becky Moody, Eureko, 70.18%

Alice Oppenheimer, Headmore Wimoweh, 70.14%

Laura Newton, Zebrano, 70.14%

Advanced Medium Restricted

Molly Key, Absinth W, 69.25%

Chris Hammond, Ruban D'or, 69.17%

Julia Walker, Rhodea, 69.12%

Emma Barnes, Korenbloem Uptimes, 68.99%

Debbie Poynter, Keystone for Real, 68.68%

Advanced Medium Open

Victoria Jones, Wiepke II, 71.36%

Emile Faurie, Mount St John De La Beaute, 70.70%

Alice Oppenheimer, Headmore Wimoweh, 70.48%

Ami McLean, Premier Royal Mint, 70.26%

Hannah Guild, Corienta, 70.13%

Fiona Brennan, Lou Wega, 70.13%

Henrietta Cheetham, Silhouette, 70.00%

Becky Moody, Darina O, 69.96%

Sam Rahmatalla, Seagry Rohsan, 69.69%

Elspeth Day, My Delilah, 69.65%

Charlotte Dicker, Sabatini, 69.43%

Terri Graham, Rubin's Charm, 69.30%

Sarah-Jane Cox, Comanche Passoa, 69.04%

The initial allocation of wild cards for the PSG and inter I is done to make up approximately 30% of the nationals places from the regionals and approximately 70% from premier leagues as per rule 116.

Prix St Georges Regional combinations:

Emile Faurie, Don Jon, 70.13%

Kate Cowell, Dahling, 69.47%

Amy Schiessl, Mr Mercury, 69.43%

Tahley Reeve-Smith , Special, 68.90%

Premier league combinations:

Michael Eilberg , Woodlander Farouche, 76.57%

Nathalie Kayal, DHI Homerun, 75.09%

Laura Tomlinson, Unique, 73.31%

Intermediate I Regional combinations:

Alex Hardwick, Royal Chester, 69.30%

Bryony Goodwin, Hawtins Floriana, 69.30%

Pammy Hutton, Belmondo III, 68.99% (col 126)

Premier league combinations:

Becky Moody, Tirsa, 71.02%

Vicky Thompson - Winfield, Zidane VIII, 70.57%

Gary Hoult, Di Marco II, 70.31%

Michael Eilberg, Der Designer, 70.18%

Nathalie Kayal, DHI Homerun, 69.82%

Tom Goode, Zadelisk, 69.82%

Spencer Wilton, Zamboucca, 69.52%



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