British Eventing statement regarding the Exo BodyCage

After extensive discussions and the commissioning of an independent report, British Eventing is continuing the permitted use of the Exo BodyCage for those few riders that would like to wear them.

Any wearer of the BodyCage should be encouraged to inspect their garment for wear and tear particularly to the foam panels and to the side fastenings. Garments should not be worn if they have suffered any damage as this could seriously impair the protection offered. The competitor should also declare to the secretary that they will be wearing the Exo BodyCage so that officials can be alerted to this.

The new Body Protector rules will be in force from the 1st January 2018 and British Eventing will no longer permit the use of BETA Level 3 body protectors with the 2000 label. Competitors will have to wear a BETA Level 3 body protector made to the 2009 standard or any later revision to the standard.

Exo BodyCage wearer, Olivia Heywood, commented; “I want to thank British Eventing for reconsidering their ban on the EXO. This is very positive news as it is the only body protector specifically designed and tested [without mechanical working parts] to provide crush protection in the event of a rotational fall and I would not want to ride cross country without it.”

The full 2018 rules will be published in due course and available on the BE website.

Article Source: British Eventing News



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