Emma’s equine portraits are in demand

A versatile photographer with a love of horses is making a name for herself in a niche medium of portraiture.

Scarborough-born Emma Drabble is increasingly in demand as a horse portrait photographer, taking commissions from across Yorkshire as well as the rest of the country.

It may be an unusual talent, but Ms Drabble said: “Rural work and horses are my passion, I have to admit. They always take me back to my roots.

“I was born and raised in Scarborough and have always loved the outdoors and had a firm interest in farming, horses and country life.”

Ms Drabble, 43, who is currently based in Herefordshire, developed her photography skills by studying for a degree in documentary communication at the University of Humberside.

During the course she was forced to meet the subject of her pictures close up using short lens cameras - a skill which she has nurtured for her equine work.

Holly Clark, a stable girl for racehorse trainer Venicia Williams, with her own horse called Star, who Emma photographed before Holly went on a six-week course to New Market racing school to become a jockey. Pictures: Emma Drabble

She said: “If you force a horse, or a child, to pose it’s never a good thing, they rebel. I try and work with the positive connections that the horse allows.

“Horses like children are hugely giving individuals. It’s just about waiting and seeing and watching the relationship emerge. It’s usually a deeply moving one.”

For more detail Emma can be contacted via her website at www.emmadrabblephotography.co.uk




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