Equi Role Global launches new equine recruitment app

Equi Role Global is the new equine industry app and it is initially for global equine recruitment.

It matches employer roles with candidate skills worldwide and allows employers to shortlist, interview and offer jobs all via the app. If you are an Employer or Candidate in the equine industry, or are just interested, you can download the app below.

You can register via Facebook or via email. Very soon you will be able to invite your friends from Facebook via the app.

The app uses code to match exact requirements of employers to the skills and experience of candidates. All equine industries are catered for, from top racing yards, to governing bodies to eventing yards, feed companies etc. No equine industry is excluded.

We have a chat and news function coming soon, as well as a marketplace where products and services can be advertised. 

Don't be afraid to ask us to build new features into the app, we will always try to accommodate ideas! Email us here to lets know what your ideas are.

As the app has just launched last week, we appreciate your patience as more candidates and employers join. The best way to spread the word about the app is to share our posts on social media and tell your contacts in the equine industry, by forwarding this email, using the button below. You can find us on all the major social media sites, using the icons below.

Employer with an Android phone? No problem, you can manage your vacancies through our website until the android app is launched.

Find Equi Role Global in our Recruitment Section too

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