FEI Launches Children on Horses campaign

The FEI have introduced a brand new section at international level for under 14s called Children on Horses, with a championship final at next year’s Junior & Young Rider European Championships in Spain (19 – 25 July 2016)!

A fantastic opportunity for 12 – 14 year olds who have already made the leap to horses, combinations will be required to ride a test similar to the higher end of Elementary. Even better news is that Keysoe will be providing two opportunities to compete in Children on Horses classes, one nationally at their High Profile Show (12 – 13 March 2016) and one internationally at their CDIYJP (14 – 17 April 2016).

Selection criteria

Open to riders from the beginning of the calendar year of their 12th birthday to the end of their calendar year of their 14th birthday riding horses.Horses must be 6 years old or over. 

To be considered for selection riders will need to achieve the following results:-Riders 12 yrs old - two results of 70% plus at Novice level & aboveRiders 13 & 14 yrs old - two results of 70% plus at Elementary level & above These results have to be obtained at two different affiliated competitions with different judges.

Sheets/results from 1 June 2015 onwards to be sent into the BD office along with application form. 

Riders/horses are not allowed to take part in Juniors and Children on Horses in the same year.  Riders aged 14 who take part in FEI Junior competitions will no longer be eligible to take part in Children on Horses.

To apply to take part, please read the below selection criteria and send a completed application form to British Dressage (full contact details are on the application form).

Click here for the application form. All applications to be returned to BD by the end of January 2016.


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