Fireworks frighten horses - be prepared for bonfire night

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For many people, Bonfire Night is an enjoyable evening spent watching spectacular firework displays and warming themselves by a bonfire, but for horse owners it can be a time of concern and distress

Fireworks and horses don’t naturally go well together. Horses are flight animals, and their reaction to a sudden, loud noise is to startle and run. Add in the fact that fireworks are shot off at night when there doesn’t tend to be anyone in the yard to observe the horses, and you can have a potentially dangerous situation.

Frightened horses can injure themselves and get loose, so it’s important to take some steps to keep your horse safe when you know that there will be a firework celebration nearby.

Help is at hand from The British Horse Society (BHS) who have put together information to help you cope with fireworks,  Click Here  and download for FREE.

The AWA 2006 states it is an offence if the act causes a protected animal to suffer. FAB firework abatement campaign has been campaigning for 4 years for a change in the law. You can support the work of FAB firework abatement campaign by adding YOUR signature to the petition: 

FAB Firework Abatement UK

There are many calmers available to help a horse deal with times of stress. A stressful horse may benefit from a calmer all year round with a small boost when fireworks season comes around. Other horses that are only stressed around bonfire night may benefit from a fast acting calmer that can be administered when needed.

Instant calmers are ideal for horses that only get stressed in certain situations like on Bonfire night. Some horses may be laid back 99% of the time but come Bonfire night they need a little extra help maintaining a level head. Here are some instant acting calmers that may be beneficial to horses needing that extra boost.

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