Fireworks & Horses - have your say!

Many of you will be aware of the distress and sometimes injury and death caused to animals, our dogs, cats, rabbits, horses in field and stable as well as livestock and wildlife. Fireworks used to be heard just one or two nights of the year around November 5th, when everyone was expecting them and we could all make any necessary preparations to protect pets.   

It appears now we seem to have a firework 'season' with fireworks being set off regularly particularly from October to January and also randomly throughout the rest of the year.   The Firework Abatement Campaign (FAB) has been formed to give us all a voice on this issue and is working hard to get a change in the current legislation to minimise the suffering of those detrimentally affected by firework use.  

Whilst the campaign  is keen to stress it is not against fireworks per se it seeks to raise awareness  to ensure that more people realise the devastation their back garden ‘fun’ can have on others around them.  

Amongst other recommendations FAB believe professional displays that are well managed with advance advertising are the way forward.   Forewarning of such displays help people to organise and prepare.  Random firework use, is neither advertised or well managed and causes problems    

Now is your chance to have a say as FAB is busy gathering information with a view to  asking the government to issue a full regulatory impact assessment and take into consideration all the data and statistics that their campaign gathers.  

Click Here to go through to the FAB website where you can sign the petition and find out more about the campaign.  

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