Global Dressage Forum Committee report "most promising development" in training dressage judges

A sensational project to evaluate and train dressage judges will be presented at the 15th edition of the Global Dressage Forum on 26-27 October 2015. Maarten van der Heijden, Sports Director of the Dutch National Federation, and his colleagues will present a project, started in 2014 with scientist David Stickland to improve judging.

Every point on a judges sheet in Holland’s top national competitions is registrated. A computer analysis is made, judges scores are compared and non-explainable differences are investigated. Every judge can look into his/her own results on a ‘personal dashboard’. If necessary a personal coach will evaluate and train judges who too often have non-explainable differences with their colleagues. To the GDF program committee this seems to be the most promising development in training dressage judges in many years!

The program 2015 is full of experts with different kind of expertise. World class training techniques will be demonstrated by international trainer Wolfram Wittig and his wife international rider Brigitte Wittig from Germany. That winning and laughing can be combined will be shown in a clinic by international dressage rider Uta Gräf. The disappearing skill of training horses on long reins will be explained by international dressage trainer Paul Fielder . Modern training will be evaluated by the legendary American jumping and hunter trainer, and former national coach of the US jumping team, George Morris. When it comes to optimum equine performance in the dressage arena do we really know enough about nutrition, hydration and supplements and how they do impact upon training and development?  Veterinarian Dr Chloe Casalis de Pury will give an update.

During this 15th edition the greatest dressage horses of history will be analysed by world famous experts, riders, breeders and trainers. Six horses have been selected, based on the criteria of winning an individual gold medal at Olympic Games or World Championships or winning the World Cup Final. During the Global Dressage Forum the great achievements of these horses and their special talents will be investigated. The rider, owner, breeder or groom will be invited and tell their personal story. It will be most interesting to hear about the real character of these elite stars and find out what made these horses so special and what made them better than their opponents.


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