HOYS 2017 Qualifying Stories Winner

After having an amazing start to the season with my 3 ponies, I won Royal Windsor with my 3 year old fell colt Bracklinn Travis I couldn’t get the smile off my face. Tragically I lost my Section C Glebedale Dexter to colic very suddenly 2 weeks later and I couldn’t get that smile back, I was absolutely devastated. The bad luck carried on and I didn’t think things would get better. I spent my evenings taking Kasper on long hacks so I didn’t have to sit at home and think about everything. Me & my mum set off to Three Counties not feeling very hopeful as Kasper wasn’t his usual self at Derbyshire festival a matter of days before. I saw on Facebook on route it was quite a hard set show with a canter serpentine and a rein back which sent me into panic mode as I had never even practiced a rein back. I just went in the ring with a smile on my face like always. He went well and after being pulled second I felt sick. The show went as planned but the top pony went perfect as well. Not one part of me thought I was going to win. Carey Knox came into the ring and she started reading my number out. I just couldn’t believe it. It took me 10 seconds to come forward. I just burst into tears and couldn’t stop. Then I had to go straight in the championship to come reserve champion in a class full of amazing ponies just topped it off. Even the judges said I had them choked up. Dexter was definitely looking down on us that day. Him & Kasper were best friends who used to spend their days licking each other through the bars in their stables. I have spent about 10 years dreaming of that moment. It’s both mine and Kaspers first time at HOYS. He’s the ultimate pony of a lifetime.

Article & Photograph Source : HOYS

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