Is MicroBoo the world's smallest horse/pony?

Standing at just 15 inches tall, about the same size as a bowling pin, Tonbridge's MicroBoo it's claimed, is one of the world's smallest horses.

And the the Piebald foal shocked owner Jen Baldwin-Murphy when she appeared at Haysden Liveries just two weeks ago.

MicroBoo is the sister of MicroDave, who gained national media attention himself, measuring just 11 inches when born – smaller than a 2 litre bottle of Coca Cola.

MicroBoo has attracted plenty of visitors to the Tonbridge farm and garnered much national media interest for owner Jen Baldwin-Murphy who is a show-horse trainer by trade, but admits to having a severe soft spot for the pint-sized ponies.

Mrs Murphy said: "She was born about 15 inches; she's up to about 16 inches now at a couple of weeks old.

"They're a lot cheekier than the big horses. I suppose with the big horses they have to be well-behaved because they can be dangerous. "

"Whereas with the miniatures you sort of forgive them because they're just so gorgeous."

"She's very playful and very inquisitive. If you call her, she'll come trotting up to you, which is quite unusual for a two-week-old foal."

MicroBoo's mother, Rockstar, is a 33 inch Falabella who has participated in and won many championships throughout the UK.

Mrs Murphy explained why she was so keen to ensure that Rockstar was able to breed, and commented that after trying for three years - they hit the jackpot with MicroBoo and MicroDave.

The stables which house the tiny animals have been flooded with visitors since the birth of MicroBoo.

Mrs Murphy described how older brother MicroDave basks in the limelight: "They're quite spoiled, and too cute to tell off."

"The two-year-old colt is an absolute brat. If he was a child he'd be Macauley Culkin because he's a child star gone rogue."

"I had to stop all the paparazzi in the end because he was just getting naughtier and naughtier."

"He's a complete famous brat and he knows it. He's the sort of person who would say: 'Do you know who I am?'"

According to Mrs Murphy, MicroBoo is entirely social, and bucks the trend of the stereotypical shy persona which is characteristic of her species and age.

The Tonbridge farm has been inundated with requests to visit the micro-horse, with the two-week old proving a hit with both the locals of Kent, and across the nation.

Article & Image Source: Kent Live



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