Phoebe Peters Claims Kur Gold with World Record Score at 2015 European Pony Championships

At her last international show aboard the 13-year old SL Lucci, British Phoebe Peters came, saw and conquered at the 2015 European Pony Championships in Malmo Sweden. She was the 2013 European Pony Champion in Arezzo but lost the title to Semmieke Rothenberger in 2014. In Malmo there was no competition for Peters with Rothenberger absent from the event. The Brit produced three high class tests that each scored over 80%. On the final day she put the icing on the cake winning Kur to Music gold with her third world record score, 85.825%. Nadine Krause got silver and Sara van Deurs Petersen captured the bronze.

Peters and SL Lucci were a league of their own and the judges' panel - consisting of Wessels (GBR), Sanders (NED), Jena (SWE), Christensen (DEN) and Ebert (GER) - confirmed this by unanimously placing her first in the freestyle finals on Sunday 9 August 2015. Peters rode to filmic music, arranged by Tom Hunt but it made one wonder where the fun pony factor was in those heavy tunes.

On a technical level the pair was flawless. They entered in collected walk, followed by the halt and straight into a trot half pass left. Lucci showed very good bending in the traversal movements, but lost a bit of the suspension in the shoulder in left. The extended walk had good activity and overstep and all simple changes were elegantly ridden. What sets this pair apart from the rest is the incredibly constant image they produce. Every single stride is ridden in balance, the pony is constantly up in the bridle and the rider quiet with the seat, hands and aids. The tempo is consistent and Lucci shows proper differentiation between the collected and extended work. Peters upped the degree of difficulty in her kur by riding a simple change with one hand.

The pair achieved their second World Record score of the week, 85.825% and now holds all three world records in the FEI pony division. "I had set myself the task of achieving over 80% in three tests at the same show but didn't do it this season. I never expected it to happen at the Europeans," Phoebe admitted. 




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