Rider killed in tragic horse riding accident

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Mandy Berry, 58, a showbusiness PA who helped manage the careers of TV celebrities including Carol Vorderman and Noel Edmonds has been named as the tragic victim in a recent horse riding accident.

Mandy had joined an organised fun ride at Cotswold Farm Park on 8 October, 2017 on her beloved horse Crumlin but left the group towards the end of the ride, she rode ahead on her own, but not long after other riders were horrified to find her lying on the ground.

She died shortly afterwards at the scene.

Mandy worked for celebrity agent John Miles for 42 years, and was described in Carol Vorderman's memoirs as "his ace PA."

John Miles described how he first met Mandy when she was a "smiling and happy" teenager, and went on to become one of his best friends.

He said: "Mandy joined me when she was just 17 and worked for me for 42 years.

"She wasn't just my PA, she was one of my best friends. She watched my children grow up and was always smiling and happy.

"In the 42 years we worked together we never had a cross word.

"All the people in the businesses, including those she helped me manage, such as Carol Vorderman, Keith Floyd, Des'O'Connor and Noel Edmonds, loved her.

"All those she worked with from artists to producers have been ringing the office saying how devastated they are at the news.

"She was such a lovely person.

A statement from the park confirmed the tragic accident.

“It appears that a rider fell from their horse and was subsequently seriously injured,” said a Cotswold Farm Park spokesman.

“The injured rider received assistance from a following rider who was a nurse, our on-site paramedic and the emergency services, all of who were in attendance very quickly.

“Sadly, despite the valiant efforts of all concerned, the injuries were such that the rider could not be saved.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends at this difficult time.”


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