The Childéric Saddles roadshow is coming to a venue near you!

Childéric Saddles are not only innovators in beautiful & bespoke saddle design, but the UK technical team are currently sweeping the UK with their revolutionary 'Childéric Experience Roadshow'.

The events, throughout the coming months, bring together top professional riders and well-respected equestrian names with the opportunity to train and ride in the extensive collection of saddle models.

Each event has been carefully created by Childéric UK to give riders a unique training experience while trying out one of their saddles, something unseen before on this scale: Giving riders the opportunity to try without any sales pressure or commitment.

"We know that a lot of riders are keen to try our saddles out, but we wanted to create something whereby they could really try out the saddle while getting further value out of their time with some superb training from our elite riders and high profile associates. The events have been so popular that many have already sold out with waiting lists, so further dates are being added."

Explains Tricia Bracegirdle, Senior Saddle Specialist.

Existing customers can also benefit by incorporating a saddle check when they book in, and the series includes flatwork, showjumping, dressage test riding and relevant to all disciplines; cavaletti training sessions.

For more information, go to the Childéric Saddles UK Facebook Page @childericsaddles for the latest date additions:

Article Source: Childeric Saddles News


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