Two young equestrians announce epic trek from Lincolnshire to Loch-ness for charity

Megan and Emily will be riding over 500 miles from Louth to Loch Ness.

Two keen equestrians from Louth are hoping to raise thousands of pounds for charity by riding their horses from Louth to Loch Ness.

Megan Koss and Emily Castledine, both 22, are also hoping to raise awareness about the lack of bridleways in Louth when they take on their epic 500 mile ride in May next year.

The pair will be aiming to raise around £1,000 for three charities: Bransby Horses near Lincoln, the Alternative Animal Sanctuary near Coningsby, and the UK-wide British Horse Society.

Megan will be riding her steed, a six-year-old black Irish Cob named Jack, and Emily will ride her seven-year-old Cob mare, named Pippa.

Megan, who has been riding horses for over 18 years, told the Leader: “The original reason behind the challenge and choosing Loch Ness was simply because I have always wanted to go to Loch Ness, and I thought it would be amazing to go there and ride around it with my horse.

“From there, I thought ‘why not ride to Loch Ness from home and make a point about using horses as transport like people used to?

“That prompted the decision to create a route from Louth to Loch Ness.

“Because it’s such a crazy idea, I thought we’ve got to do it for some sort of cause, so I made up a list of charities and causes I’m passionate about and narrowed it down.”

Megan added: “We hope to raise at least £1,000 per charity - anything over that is a bonus!

“We have sponsor forms in local vets, pet stores and pet groomers and we have a PayPal page for online donations:

“We have a confirmed corporate sponsor, Spire Windows and Thermotec in Louth, who are covering our accommodation and equipment costs, for which we are extremely grateful.”

The epic journey will begin on Monday May 7, and the pair will be riding an average of 30 miles a day over a period of 19 days, including two rest days. They hope to complete the challenge on Friday May 25.

Megan and Emily have an active Facebook page, called ‘Louth to Loch Ness Charity Ride 2018’. Visit this page for more details: Alternatively, make a direct donation by visiting:

Article Source: Louth Leader

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