Valegro's shoe raises $5000 at charity auction in USA

Linda Wondrack and Betsy Dangel with Carl Hester

A silver-plated horseshoe that was once worn by Valegro has raised $5,000 for the Equestrian Aid Foundation at the New England Dressage Association (NEDA) Carl Hester Symposium (14-15 October) in New Gouchester, Maine. The bidding was hot between 3 women attending the clinic but in the end, Betsy Dangel from Newton Center, Mass got the final price in as the bidding closed Sunday afternoon.

As the top priced items were presented at the New England Dressage event on the closing day of a dynamic symposium. Hester admitted he took the shoe from Charlotte DuJardin’s desk. “We made 9 of these shoes (all with a silver coating) which have all been donated to charity. Now I have to tell Charlotte the last one went to America.”

Other items included an original painting of Carl and Nip Tuck titled “The Master” by artist Lisa Marie Bishop with Carl’s signature on the back, was purchased by FEI Dressage rider and trainer Jane Hannigan for “The Shoe” winner Dangle.

A full length signed banner photo collage of Carl, Nip Tuck and Charlotte DuJardin and Valegro created by DressageDaily’s Mary Phelps and manager of the auction was won by Dangle’s friend Linda Wondrack.

A Back on Track saddlepad signed by Carl Hester purchased by Joanna Gray -Randle. A few other items rounded out the money raised for a worthy cause to nearly $8,000. Carl said he was “thrilled” that the auction went so well. “Not only did I have great riders and horses to train, Valegro’s shoe raised $5,000 for the Equestrian Aid Foundation.”

“Let’s face it,” said Mary Phelps a Gold Medal sponsor who managed the auction, “Carl is a rock star, and of course so is Valegro, the greatest Dressage horse of all time. People were stalking the bidding table until the closing bell at 1:30. It is a phenomena, the energy throughout the weekend electric and positive. But that does not surprise me.”

The event took place at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, and involved dressage lectures and demonstrations across two days. “We can’t thank Carl enough for coming to Maine and hosting a spectacular symposium,” said a Beth Beukema manager for the weekend. “All of us from NEDA will remember this weekend as a landmark event for the dressage community here in New England. Thank you, Carl.”

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