• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much is it to advertise? 

    A standard advert for one horse is currently just £5 for 6 weeks.

    All of our up to date prices can be found on our Price List page, or alternatively Business Memberships page or more information is available by downloading our Media Pack – these are subject to alter occasionally if we are running an offer.

    If you require prices for more comprehensive adverts such as banner or rectangle artwork advertising, then pop us an email on office@equineadvertiser.co.uk or call 01507 338642 and we can send you our Media Information Guide.

    2. How do I place an advert? 

    There are two simple ways to place an advert

    • Online – using our step by step system, you will need to create an account – which is totally free of charge and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have placed your advert and completed payment, you will receive a confirmation email containing a copy of your invoice. Your advert will go live once it has been checked and authorised by our team.
    • Email or Facebook messenger – email your advert directly to office@equineadvertiser.co.uk. Send your text, images, and videos straight to us. Please remember to include your contact details so that we can contact you for payment. This can be made via phone or we can send you an invoice. Please note that your advert will not go live prior to payment being received.

    3. How long will my advert be online?

    Usually 6 weeks – however this is increased to 12 weeks for Property Listings.

    4. How do I pay for my advert?

    By phone/credit/debit card or PayPal link on our invoices.

    When placing adverts online you will be redirected to our secure payment page. Alternatively adverts can be pad for using a credit/debit  card over the telephone within office hours (Monday  – Friday 9am-5pm) or we can s send you an invoice. Please note your advert will not go live prior to payment being received, and no adverts will appear online before being approved.

    5. How much do you take in commission? 

    Oddly, a question we get asked a lot! The answer is absolutely nothing – simply pay for your advert and we will do the rest.

    6. Can I alter my ad at any time? 

    Absolutely – if you have created an account you can edit to your hearts content – there is an unlimited number of photos and description that you can add so if you need to edit the add, please feel free. Alternatively, email us on office@equineadvertiser.co.uk and either Sarah or Jess will alter it for you.

    7. Why can I not add a video? 

    It takes an enormous quantity of memory to add videos to websites, which would mean that the pages would be very slow to load – not ideal. However there is a facility to add Youtube links to your advert or alternatively email Jess your video and she will turn it into one for you and place it on our own YouTube channel, and add the link to your advert or embed it into the page. This applies for Horsebox, Horse & Pony and Directory Listings.

    8. How long does it take for my ad to go live?

    Adverts must be checked and authorised by us before they go live. This ensures your advert looks it’s best and also allows us to filter out any inappropriate items, thereby ensuring that we maintain high standards.

    9. How do I renew my advert?

    Adverts can be renewed at any time through your account. Alternatively, you can pop us an email or give us a call. You will be sent a reminder email a few days before the advert is due to expire. Please note renewed adverts must be for the same horse or item. New horses / items must be placed on a new advert.




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