Rebecca Justice Equine Therapy

Equine massage therapy
Fully qualified and insured. BSC (hons) in Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation before qualifing through the Equine Massage Academy.
Competitive rates, discount on multiple horses/yards or a small group of yards close together, loyalty scheme available too.
Equine sports and remedial massage is beneficial to all types of horses from retired horses, leisure horses, happy hackers to competition horses.
Pre-competition massage prepares the horse for strenuous work such as a competition, both physically and mentally and post-competition massage aids recovery and removal of waste products after such exercise.
Remedial massage can be used on any horse as it is specific techniques dependent on the horses issues.
All treatments begin with a thorough evaluation to ascertain the areas which require focus and finish with practitioner advice and a treatment plan if necessary.
Benefits include:
– Improves circulation
– Reduces adhesions
– Promotes endorphin release
– Removes waste products such as lactic acid
– General feeling of well-being
Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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Ailby House

Contact Name: Mrs Rebecca Justice

Contact Number: 07850648592


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