Mark Todd responds to Social Media storm

Mark Todd has responded to the social media furore surrounding posts showing him riding a 12hh Pony. On his Facebook page he posted the following statement -

It concerns me that some people got upset at the video I posted yesterday of me riding the 12 hand pony Dakota. 
It happened while I was doing a lecture demo in Aberdeen where her great LITTLE 10 yr old rider Millie on this fabulous pony joined me on a 16.3 horse, for one section of the demo, to have a bit of fun in a challenge called Anything you can do I, I can do better.

Millie rode a course of related fences on Dakota and then I had to try and do the same number of strides on the borrowed 3 star horse I was riding, to show that a horse can be trained to collect in the canter and shorten his stride to a 12 hand pony length stride. I couldn't quite manage it so Millie won the was all a bit of fun and hopefully a bit educational. 

Millie then said, please have a ride on Dakota. It took a bit of persuading but I did, without altering the stirrups and had a trot and canter round and over one fence about 30cm high. I was on her back for a total of about 2 minutes. She is a strong little pony who is adored by her owners the Lawson family and is thoroughly well looked after. Millie and the pony have a fantastic relationship that is a joy to watch. 

As a patron of the World Horse Welfare, I would never do anything that compromised the well being of a 12 hand pony. 
What does concern me is that some people actually believed I was serious when I titled it My Next Superstar!!

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